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Feed To Turn Your Brain To A Superbrain

Brain is the most energy-consuming organ in Humans. Therefore, if you want to have a superbrain you’ll need to offer the right diet with the aliments that can boost your brain performance

8 months ago   •   6 min read

Plants Are Your Way To Incredible Health

Foods that injures the lining of our blood vessels, causing heart disease/attack/stroke are bacon, meat, butter, fried chicken, potato chips, ice creams, pizza etc. You can avoid all heart related ailments but switching your food to plant based are your way to incredible health.

8 months ago   •   8 min read

Lose The Weight & Lose The Spandex With 7 Guided Steps

Many researches were done in respect to health, nutrition, fitness, aging etc., and concluded with the result that both these philosophies are based on avoiding sugar and starch intake AND including protein, fat, vegetables, water, black coffee, green tea etc. in daily diet.

9 months ago   •   8 min read
Weight Loss

Changing the Meat-Heavy Diet Could Add up to 13 Years More To Your Life

The researchers found that eating a healthier diet could increase life expectancy by up to 1.9 years for a man and 1.6 years for a woman. But they also found that these life-extending benefits only applied to people who were eating a healthy diet, as opposed to those who ate a poor diet

10 months ago   •   3 min read

How to Create the Best Exercises and Diet Plans for Women

Oftentimes, the training and diet resources are written with men in mind. It has always been them who frequent the gyms to grow, tone, and flex their muscles. Because of a lack of resources, women always find it difficult to reach their goals.

10 months ago   •   6 min read

Why Men Should Be More Health-conscious

Men, in general, are known to be the more fitness-conscious ones. They are more likely to enroll in gym memberships, drink protein pills, and follow a strict diet to either build or tone their muscles

10 months ago   •   6 min read

Beginners Guide to Mediterranean Diet

People are more health-conscious in recent years than they were before. Gym memberships, yoga class subscriptions, low carb diet plans, and the like have become increasingly popular. A lot of people – including you – are on the road to start or get better in their wellness journey

10 months ago   •   6 min read