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Travel Essentials for Oral Health

Imagine going on a trip and one of the worst things that can happen to you is to have that trip spoiled due to a surprise toothache or because of your dental crown getting shipped off. Follow these essential travel tips to make sure you avoid any dental emergencies

7 months ago   •   6 min read

10 Best Foods for Menopause

This article highlight the best foods for menopause that will get you started on the journey of reclaiming your youthfulness even as you age gracefully.

7 months ago   •   6 min read

Women’s Life With Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome, a genetic disorder, can be monosomy, mosaicism, Y chromosome material or X chromosome abnormalities. Reason can be any but family history is not a factor for having Turner syndrome, can lead to kidney problem, heart problem, vision and hearing problem, infertility, physique problem

8 months ago   •   7 min read

PCOS-A Foremost cause of infertility and several health problems

The causes of PCOS are still not clear, but early diagnosis can help relieve symptoms and reduce the risk of any health problem. Anyone who may have symptoms of PCOS should see a doctor immediately to solve the cause of infertility and several health problems.

8 months ago   •   6 min read

Lose The Weight & Lose The Spandex With 7 Guided Steps

Many researches were done in respect to health, nutrition, fitness, aging etc., and concluded with the result that both these philosophies are based on avoiding sugar and starch intake AND including protein, fat, vegetables, water, black coffee, green tea etc. in daily diet.

9 months ago   •   8 min read
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16 Gift Ideas For Your Sisters They Are Sure To Cherish

Last-minute gifts are perfect when you don't have time to plan or think about gifts. But the truth is, you don't have to plan much in advance if you're thoughtful about what you buy. Gifting ideas for your dear sisters don't actually need but will definitely cherish when it's you that gifted

9 months ago   •   11 min read
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Iron Deficiency in Babies

Iron is toxic if taken in large doses. Avoid the idea of self-analysis and give your baby prescribed iron supplements. An overdose of iron even causes death. The reference nutrient intake for iron is 4.3 mg/day between 4–6 months and 11 mg/day between 7–12 months.

9 months ago   •   6 min read

Interstitial Cystitis or Bladder Syndrome in Women

Interstitial cystitis affects approximately 4 to 12 million people in the United States itself. It is mostly women who have the condition, but interstitial cystitis can affect any individual, regardless of age, race, gender, or ethnicity

9 months ago   •   6 min read